Big Muddy Blues Festival and Labor Day parade (Sept. 5, 6 and 7)

September 3, 2009

In the last few days, our Labor Day weekend calendar has been filling up fast as I scout out everything that’s going on! There are a few events we try to hit every year, including the Big Muddy Blues Festival Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 5 and 6) on Laclede’s Landing, and I usually try to send the kids down to the Labor Day parade with their dad so I can get a precious morning to myself.

Because both boys love really loud, rockin’ blues, we have a great time at the Big Muddy festival. If your kids are more prone to play around during concerts, skip this one — the areas in front of the stages tend to get quite full, especially when the weather’s nice, and the crowd doesn’t tend to be all that friendly to jostling from kids. Coolers aren’t allowed, and making a run for drinks can take some time, depending on how well the line are moving, so plan accordingly considering what snacks and drinks to pack for the kids. That said, we’ve always had a great time because the music is so very good. We’ve even managed it with a stroller, though the cobblestones make for some rough riding. This year, though, both boys are old enough to walk from the parking areas (we usually use the riverfront lots) to the stages.

Parking is much less of an issue downtown for the Labor Day parade on Monday (Sept. 7) at 9 a.m. The St. Louis Labor Council doesn’t have much info yet on its homepage, but it does say the route will go east from the intersection of Olive and 15th to Tucker, then south on Tucker to Market before turning west on Market to 15th. This is the area around Memorial Park, so there are fewer parking garages nearby but more parking lots.  The parade itself is not huge, but there will be plenty of goodies for the kids.  As it happens, M. and S. ate the last of their Fourth of July candy last night and are looking ahead to the next parade.  Perfect timing.


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