Free museums, courtesy of the Smithsonian

September 25, 2009

One of my absolute favorite things about Washington, D.C., is the Smithsonian. Standing on the m4.7.09_on the mallall and being surrounded on all sides by such a wealth of history and art and culture just gives me a rush of pleasure. This past April I introduced M. and S. to its joys — and discovered that because the museums are all free, it’s perfectly satisfying to go in and see only one small section before ducking back out to admire a fountain or get a gelato.

The rest of the country can get a little taste of the same feeling tomorrow (Sept. 26), with the Smithsonian magazine’s Museum Day 2009. Twelve hundred museums across the U.S. are accepting a downloadable card in lieu of admission fees — locally the list includes Cahokia Mounds, The Eugene Field House and Toy Museum, Saint Louis Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Missouri History Museum, Kemper Art Museum, Campbell House Museum, Museum of Transportation and Saint Louis Science Center.


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