Spirits and Boos (Oct. 31)

October 28, 2009

Here’s the most clever promotion I’ve seen this Halloween season: The Fountain on Locust is promoting its Spirits and Boos (yes, as in alcohol – gotta love a good pun!) with a special creepy cocktail menu and “appendage appetizers” all day on Saturday (Oct. 31), 11 a.m. to midnight. The staff will be in costume, so I think it’s only appropriate that the customers be in costume too, right? And although the Fountain has great drinks, it’s a very kid-friendly joint in an old-fashioned soda fountain sort of way. Also, let me note that if you’re concerned about your kid getting too much sugar on Saturday, the servers are so well trained that they know better than to upsell you on dessert without first whispering to ask permission to mention the I-word.

Be sure to visit the homepage for various coupons and special offers, including a free soup with the purchase of a meal.  (I vote for the dill pickle-potato. Mmmm.)


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