Warning: Pretzel rods can be addictive (anytime)

December 15, 2009

My family has a fondness for almond bark. Yes, it’s just candy coating made with vegetable fat instead of actual cocoa butter … and yes, it’s deathly sweet. But I can’t imagine Christmas without almond bark pretzels. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make — it cracks me up that there are recipes for it — and this weekend, I taught M. how to melt it up, coat pretzel rods till they’re draped in just enough goo, and then dip them into mounds of sugary sprinkles.

He lost interest after 47 … then came back around 75 to count my progress … but by 118, when I finally finished my fifth bag of pretzel rods, he wasn’t even particularly eager to lick the bowl. Who knew he even had a sugar saturation point? Of course, then S. woke up from his nap, took one look at the counter top, and breathlessly asked, “Oooooh, Mama, what is this?”

We packaged up most of the pretzel rods to give as holiday gifts, but I have a stash reserved for the relatives who’ll be arriving later on this week. Whether any make it that long is an open question.


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