Mr. Stinky Feet (Jan. 10)

January 6, 2010

As the snow slowly drifts down and the boys are dreaming peacefully of snowmen and sledding*, I’m going to jump right ahead to Sunday, for a rockin’ good indoor time. Jim Cosgrove, aka Mr. Stinky Feet, plays Off Broadway at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 10, in KDHX’s family-friendly concert series.

M. and I took in Justin Roberts a couple of months ago at Off Broadway and had a blast. It turns out to be a good venue because it’s bar-like enough to make kids feel they’ve entered a forbidden realm (and it sells beer during the show!) but it doesn’t have that skanky smoke-smelling bar vibe. Most of the parents chose the floor seating — and I do mean floor — right in front the stage so their toddlers could get up and dance, but M. at age 6 was too cool for that, and he preferred to sit upstairs — on chairs, yay! — and chill out.

Tickets are $8 a the door, $5 in advance, kids 1 and under free.  If you’re a football fan, you may miss the end of the first game, but the concert only runs an hour, so you won’t miss much of the second.  And it’ll be worth it!

* If you’re on the blog looking for a good sledding hill, our favorite is at Lyon Park on Broadway at Arsenal!


One Response to “Mr. Stinky Feet (Jan. 10)”

  1. Did you guys have a good time at Jim Cosgrove/Mr. Stinky Feet show?

    Next concert in the KDHX Musical Merry-Go-Round series at Off Broadway is February 21 featuring the Ozark Hillbilly Band:
    “Big Smith”
    performing songs & stories from their
    family CD
    “From Hay to Zzzzzz:
    Hillbilly Songs for Kids”
    Doors at 2:30
    Show at 3 pm.
    advance tickets =$6
    Day of show = $8
    kids one year and under = free
    tickets and info at


    just confirmed for Sunday April 11.
    “Ralph’s World”
    Two shows !
    11 am and 3 pm
    advance tickets on sale now.

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