Motivation and ideas for exploring the outdoors (anytime)

January 10, 2010

Doesn’t it feel fabulous outside? The sunshine, the temperature … OK, it’s not quite tropical, but it’s definitely an improvement on what we’ve been experiencing. Last night I was talking with some friends about what we have planned for today. Sledding and hiking were on the list for several families, which played right into my current state of mind. I’ve been reading Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature Deficit Disorder. There’s an updated version out, and if you haven’t read it, do.  I guarantee it will have you bundling up your kids on even the nastiest days for a few minutes outdoors.

In the December issue of the Missouri Department of Conservation magazine, the author of the article titled “Get Out!” has dozens of seasonal tips for outdoor activities. The piece is a fitting introduction to the department’s new kid-centric magazine, Xplor, which launches its first bimonthly issue in February. Click here to sign up for free delivery.


2 Responses to “Motivation and ideas for exploring the outdoors (anytime)”

  1. I took my friends’ 2 boys for a walk along the seafront on a bitterly cold day a few weeks ago. They were well wrapped up, and had on good shoes for walking. As well as getting some fresh air and exercise, we actually had a conversation. That is something that hardly ever happens indoors. Their mom always sends them with their video games and they sit on the sofa glued to their little animated adventure games. (sad, in my opinion, but then I’m old.)

  2. mom22kids Says:

    More power to you!! My boys are almost never intimidated by the weather — as long as I’m not wimpy about it either.

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