Fish fry season — it’s on (now until Apr. 2)

February 17, 2010

The sign went up across the street on Sunday, as we were still cleaning up from the Mardi Gras party. FISH FRY! S. has been asking for weeks when the fish fries are going to start — he’s only 3, so apparently last year’s events made quite an impression on his 2-year-old brain! — and I was delighted to be able to show him the sign and tell him that this week, it’s on.

There’s another family eagerly scouting out the local fries, and they kindly commented on my blog with a link to their site, Friday Night Fish. I see that they don’t have St. Agatha’s Polish fry in the reviews yet, but they really should.  If I had three kids under age 7, as they do, I’d definitely be making a beeline to the church basement where you can get Tyskie and Zywiec (or similar Polish lagers) for a song.  Then again, I get to walk home …

As it happens, another St. Louis fish fry blog, No Meat for You!, will be descending on St. Agatha’s this Friday (Feb. 19) to do a review.  I suggest you come early — it opens at 5 p.m. — to beat the rush, because if the good Polish folks staffing the fryer run out of fish and you have to wait, you may be tempted to drink your calories from a bottle of 8-percent-alcohol Polish piwo.

Are we back to beer again?


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