Get your egg baskets ready (March 27 to April 3)

March 20, 2010

Ah, spring. Tantalizing us with 70s one day and 50s the next. Bringing out the daffodils only to dust them with snow. We love you, but do you have to be such a tease?

It’s the same story every year, but this is the first year I remember Easter egg hunt organizers have been so explicit that their events will happen rain or shine or whatever fickle springtime throws at them. We’ve been to some where it was absolutely frigid, and others where the kids were tossing their coats by 10 a.m. But thinking back, most have been on the chilly side!

The next two weekends are the biggies for egg hunts. One of the granddaddies of them all is Hare in the Air at Logan College of Chiropractic on Saturday (March 27). Arrive at the Chesterfield campus in time to register before the hare lands (at 11 a.m.) in order to get a color-coded sticker for the age-appropriate area (ages 2 to 8). For more info, call 636.227.2100 x4273 or e-mail

And to read about some of the largest egg scrambles in the metro area, check out the St. Louis Kids Magazine blog, to which I’m egg-ceptionally partial, seeing as how I’m a contributing editor.


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