I appreciate the recent comment I received asking for more posts … so kind!! I miss the blog a lot, not least because here I am the boss, and in the steady-paying gigs that are taking up so much of my time now, I am far from being in charge!

This has always been a therapeutic endeavor for me, something I did purely for my own benefit, and because it encouraged me to get out with my boys it was also good for their health.  I wouldn’t say that their health is suffering, but mine definitely is (at least, according to both my dentist and my hairdresser!) and so yesterday we blew off a Parent Association meeting at school and headed out for a sunset bike ride at Tower Grove Park instead. It was a beautiful fall evening, and I had barely shifted into Park before the 4-year-old was out of the car and over by the lily pad ponds, exploring with the joyful oblivion that only preschoolers seem to have. The 7-year-old was no less eager to start, but he dutifully hung behind to strap on his helmet.

Their ride wasn’t particularly long, maybe half an hour, but it was long enough to teach me two things:

  1. I have to get back into this habit of exploring for free.
  2. I have to suck up my fear of cycles and invest in a bike — there’s no way I can keep up with these two on foot!

I freely admit to being a wuss when it comes to biking in traffic. OK, to biking in general. I don’t even OWN a bike. My 6-year-old does, because I know it’s a skill every kid needs to learn, but he’s still on training wheels because it is not high on my priority list.

It doesn’t help that several of my neighbors are avid cyclists, and nearly all of them have been involved in automobile-related accidents serious enough to land them in the emergency room. They get right back on the horse that threw ’em, but when that “horse” is going up against a few hundred pounds of metal, I put my money on the car.

However, I am all in favor of events like Open Streets this weekend (May 1). Cars will be banned from stretches of Locust, Lindell, Sarah, Manchester, Newstead, and Clayton, on a route from downtown through Grand Center and into Forest Park. It’ll be repeated on June 13, Sept. 19 and Oct. 9. The first and third are “Bike to Busch” events where baseball fans are encouraged to ride to the game.

This is not a bikes-only event, and cyclists are reminded that pedestrians (like me!) have the right of way at all times. However, it’ll be a great opportunity for kids to get a feel for riding somewhere other than park paths and paved alleys. And there are several stations along the route offering bike checks, fitness demos, healthy snacks and more. Perhaps the best freebie of the day: tours of the Moto Museum on Lindell and its collection of vintage motorcycles.

For details, including the route map, times and day’s schedule, log on to www.stlopenstreets.org.