This is the first time I ever used The Huffington Post as a reference source for this blog. It’s kind of fun to be putting a current events spin on a rummage sale!

But I can’t take credit for the idea — that goes to LiveFeed, a local grassroots organization that pairs bands and venues in the name of feeding hungry kids. I’ve been gathering items to donate to its Garage Sale fundraiser on Saturday (Aug. 1), and when I went to the site to find the drop-off address, I got to poking around and read the open letter to Cynthia Davis, the Missouri legislator from O’Fallon who drew national attention for writing in her June newsletter that cutting school lunch subsidies for poor kids makes sense because hunger is a good motivator. A quick Google generates many, many fun blog reads — what a gold mine for pundits that newsletter was!  It was also a motivator for me to step up my closet-cleaning a little.  This summer has been a tough one for food pantries — and summer is always tough for kids who get two of their three meals a day at school.  If more legislators get to thinking like Ms. Davis, things could get rougher still for those kids.

So LiveFeed is organizing this sale on Saturday at 9 a.m., in the parking lot behind Walgreen’s at Olive and Mason in Creve Coeur, with live music (most likely great music, if its list of participating bands and venues is any predictor) and lots of other people’s stuff to peruse. I personally can guarantee a very nice selection of infant clothes for a boy, plus miscellaneous baby and toddler gear.  If you’re interested in donating, they’re accepting items for the next two days at the office. You can get details by calling Hillary at 314.732.4986.