For several weeks (or maybe months) I’ve been making a list of sites that I want to write about on a slow day. Problem is, the longer I do this blog, the fewer slow days I have — there is always something to write about! So I’ve manufactured a slow day (in case you were wondering why the past couple of days were so jammed full of stuff) in order to get in these very worthwhile links.

I’ll start off with a token event piece, simply entitled “Summer concerts 2009,” from the Post-Dispatch’s entertainment department. Though some require ticket purchases, most are free — and nearly all are kid-friendly, though having been to The Lot a while back, I would recommend taking the kids to Schlafly brewpubs as indoor weekday customers instead.

Up next are a couple of eco-friendly sites.  I’m a true believer in Catalog Choice. You know how, when you have kids, you start receiving all this stuff from who knows where, and you don’t have the energy to write to each one to get removed from the mailing list?  Well, we’ve gone from a deluge of junk-mail catalogs to a trickle in just a few months using this site. (A similar service that I’ve used less frequently is DMAchoice.)  And I’ve been growing my own alfalfa, bean and lentil sprouts for ages — since childhood, really, though back then it wasn’t by choice! — but I’d have never thought to blog about it until I saw this article about cheap ways to improve your eco-sense from Green Living Online.

As someone who’s guilty of feeding her 2-year-old whipped cream for breakfast (but at least I whip it myself, right?!?!), I feel duty-bound to occasionally visit the USDA nutrition pyramid for preschoolers and try to follow its guidance.

Finally, I want to encourage you all to vote in my favorite event calendar’s annual survey of good stuff in St. Louis.  Parents Connect has added a local blog category this year, and while I’m fans of the other nominees as well, I’d naturally love to have you vote for me!  Cast your ballot here.